This site was created to quickly and painlessly create short to medium length articles from a single page that could be updated on the fly with no interaction from the author or the site host.

It is designed with the following features;
  • Auto update any article to the latest version of the text
  • Disquis integration to allow commenting on articles
  • Automatic search engine integration and meta-data input
  • Seamless SyntaxHighlighter integration with all supported languages available
  • Latest CKEditor rich text editor for creating rich content
  • Automatic Image uploading
  • Actionable in browser spellchecking from ChkEditor
  • Search based on Author, Date, Titles, Tags and keywords
  • Full integration of 'in Article' JQuery and JavaScript
  • Support animated and still Article images
  • Page skeleton system allowing easy changes to look and feel without altering content
  • Minimise server load by creating static page's which are only updated as needed but still automated

  • This project was designed as an alternative to large complex content management systems. It isn't necessarily better or more full featured, it was designed specifically to create mostly code tutorial type articles implementing rich content editing and facilitating auto updating with a minimum of effort using a common look and feel. The system has a selectable look and feel and will format the Articles within that constraint.

    It is not currently available for common use but it is implemented as a multi-user system I will be allowing other users to try it on a nepotism type basis going forward for now.

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